Planning opening a restaurant in France or abroad ? LP Consulting will help you Know more

LP Consulting

LP CONSULTING was created by Laurent Peugeot, a French stared Chef. Laurent Peugeot and his team of experts are dedicated to boost your most ambitious and prestigious projects and to help you find solutions to your needs so as to exponentially increase your turn over.

Objectively assesses your present or futur projects so as to help you find solutions

You will benefit from our expertise and technical experiences.



Our task : meet your request.

Project analysis

Foresight study, assessement of the project technical and economic faisability. Market research ( location, country, traditions), implementing the structure ( organize a kitchen, organize the staff, recruit staff), creating the concept, designing the restaurant menu, signed by Laurent Peugeot , deciding on a detailed Schedule.


Marketing, promotion, magazines, télévision.


Coaching and recruting a team following the techniques from Laurent Peugeot, audit, advice.

Developping a brand

Creating a brand, according to your wishes to benefit from Laurent Peugeot prestigious name.

Boosting your Company

Who are we aiming at ?

Ambitious companies wishing to boost their turnover, their brand image, promote their image throught a French stared Chef Investors and hotels groups who want to create a prestigious structure.

What is important for us ?



Laurent Peugeot is a French Chef from Burgundy who loves both Gastronomy and Japan. Laurent Peugeot exports his know-how abroad and particulary in Asia. He’s the ideal combination beetween Asia and Burgundy He’s harworking, he is open to other cultures. He considers the staff of his Michelin starred restaurant « Le Charlemagne » as his extended family. Laurent Peugeot applied his fascination for flavours and aromas to gastronomy

Sharing his passion

Sharing his passion

This master in gastronomy loves sharing his passion : Learning, sharing, trainning, never giving up. It is the way he teaches , his know-how and his soft skills. Working and be respectfull and disciplined, everything is implemented to communicate as well as possible within a dynamic and positive team He conveys his generosity as well trough his teaching as trough his menu. He is very skilled as that

Be rigourous

Be rigourous

It’s a way of being : being rigourous at work in your behaviour and in the way you perform your tasks. Laurent Peugeot teaches people through a meticulous technique and zen behavior. It is a genuine commitment to be both consistent and happy